HRD Antwerp enhances uniformity of its diamond certificates and jewellery reports.

In order to enhance complete uniformity between its international operations, HRD Antwerp has made minor alterations to the look and content of its certificates and reports.

Previously a certificate or report issued by the HRD Antwerp Diamond Lab in Antwerp featured the BELAC – ISO accreditation, whereas certificates issued in the HRD Antwerp lab in Mumbai did not have this accreditation due to local differences in legislation.

To emphasize HRD Antwerp certificates and reports issued throughout all of its international operations, are in full compliance with the rules for grading polished diamonds set by the International Diamond Council (IDC) approved by WFDB and IDMA, HRD Antwerp decided to remove the BELAC-ISO accreditation from its certificates and reports as of February 1st 2015.

“This clearly underscores our commitment towards providing full transparency in regards our certification process and a clear signal HRD Antwerp is confident about its consistent grading results throughout all HRD Antwerp labs” explains Dries Holvoet, Chief Commercial Officer HRD Antwerp.

“The BELAC – ISO accreditation undoubtedly remains valuable in regards enhancing consumer confidence within other industries, however it might no longer be the most fitting quality accreditation for use within the diamond industry” he continues.

In addition to minor design changes, further alterations include the removal of the terms and conditions, which were previously printed on HRD Antwerp certificates and reports, but are now available for online consultation on

In order to protect customers from counterfeit diamond certificates, HRD Antwerp continues to incorporate state-of-the-art security features in its certificates which are visible by loupe and/or UV-Light.

Read more about the IDC rules: